Di Francesco

Our renowned real estate development company has been doing business in São Paulo for
over 50 years.

We boast a highly skilled staff that is committed to excellence in our real estate properties. This is achieved by implementing distinct projects that embody quality, reliability, and worth.

We apply streamlined construction technologies in our real estate properties and we are fully supported by technicians and companies in the sector, including specialists from the civil engineering department of the São Paulo Polytechnic School (POLI-USP).

years in the market
units delivered
square feet built


We focus on offering options for designs and finishes to prevent unnecessary waste in
construction projects and renovations, and make it easier for customers to move right in.

Projects are conceived by taking all stages of the process as well as the useful life of the property in mind: design, construction, use, and maintenance.

We aggregate sustainable construction concepts in our line of properties, creating projects that incorporate energy efficiency and water conservation in their design.

We have incorporated several items that we believe are essential for using the property, including rainwater reuse systems for irrigation, systems equipped with individual remote water and gas meters, space for selective waste collection, economical lighting, and motion sensors.